Common Mistakes Mobile App Developers Should Avoid

When you come up with great idea of the app, the main problem here is to select the most appropriate approach to bring it to life. Here are some useful tips that will help you to avoid mistakes that developers usually make on the way of creating apps.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Developing An App

  1. Ignoring sufficient platform considerations. Any platform has its own advantages, disadvantages and requirements and it is essential to select the one that fully corresponds the needs of the app and of the target audience. There is no universal platform as, for example, iOS is popular in the U.S, but Android is more popular in the rest of the world. Consider all alternatives.
  2. Mobile app for some developers is just a scale version of the website. Though, the truth is, that apps are fundamentally different from sites as they have different size, functionality and scope. In fact, developers should take into consideration that the design of the app plays crucial role – for example, the app can be rejected in the App Store if Apple disapproves the design. The main reason of mobile apps success is that they use functional of mobile devices to the full. They are more intuitive, customizable and create new user experience instead of copying the existing one.
  3. Foul up monetization. When you develop an app, many questions appear when you brainstorm the ways of monetization of the app. There is a possibility to use subscription model, freemium approach, in-app purchases etc. when you select the one, try to come up with a way that fully corresponds your needs and possibilities of the app. It is better to start choosing on the early stages of app development. For example, you can look though the leading apps in the sphere you have selected for your app and see what ways of monetization are more popular there.
  4. The app will sell itself without your help. Unfortunately, there are thousands of apps that can be considered your rivals, so it is essential to help your app to be more visible. When you create an app you should define the target market at first and after the release focus your attention on the audience. Take an advantage of featured status on the App Store and upcoming releases. For example, you can create an app that implements new OS’s features.
  5. Developer cannot be a tester for own app. developer who spent weeks and months developing an app, won’t be able to see the issues that tester can see, it is obvious, though not all developers understand that.