Design Your Mobile App to Perfection

The process of mobile app development is dumbed down so common user can get access to the development platform and create an app within an hour. However, creation of really good mobile app still takes a lot of time and efforts as well as requires profound knowledge and hands-on experience.

But even experts in development will find these tips helpful:

  1. Good app is focused on one thing, and it has to do it really well. This purpose should be clear and easily accessible and user should have a possibility to quit quickly. If there will be a need to pass through several layers of menus and buttons to work and quit be ready that you will lose your users super fast.
  2. Take into consideration peculiarities of platform when you are making back button. Android OS has its own back button, but in case of iOS you will have to add it to the app.
  3. Consider the keyboard screen. Not many designers remember to test the app with switched on-screen keyboard. Make sure that there is enough space for on-screen context so users will be able to check their actions.
  4. Use placeholders with consideration. Sometimes they are inappropriate, especially when the app has many data entry fields.
  5. Select the features set for the app carefully. Great amount of features suits desktop applications. However, the rule Bigger is better doesn’t fit the mobile app. If you will add a lot of features to the app, it will look overcrowded and the navigation will be bamboozling.
  6. Check the principles of tab placing in target OS. For example, iOS proposes completely different primary tab navigation.
  7. Check the size of buttons. Sometimes any of us has faced a necessity to browse through the webpage that is not mobile friendly via our handheld device – remember that need to zoom the page to be able to click necessary link? In the app users won’t be able to zoom in the screen. So check the button size on small screens to be sure that they are convenient.
  8. Think about the most convenient place for buttons. Usually it is a bottom-right half of the screen.
  9. Make all necessary information easily accessible.
  10. Use high-res images (at least 264ppi) or vector based images.