How to Develop a Smart and Small Business App

It seems that today everyone works on the application programming (hardly surprising if one considers the reckoning of revenue for developers generated by the App Store every year). Still, if you own a small business, the creation of a great app may become a real stumbling block as its success also depends on the app approval. Hence, it is not enough to make an app only.

Also, the app should draw the attention of the users. Considering the number of the applications in the app marketplaces, this task is perhaps the most challenging.

small app

With all this in mind, the best way to succeed in creating the app is to come up with a workable strategy and strictly follow the plan.

Step one. Take advantage of the outsourcing.

You are a businessman, not an app developer, get along with it. There are plenty of templates for apps on the Internet, right, but it is impossible to customize the template to meet all your requirements. Plus, the good app requires a profound knowledge of the programming languages. So save your time and efforts and hire a good developer.

  • Distinguish all your needs: what are the aims of the app; the necessity of the social media integration; will it serve as an e-commerce platform?
  • Discuss all details of the app with the developer before you start cooperating. First and foremost, it has to be a person of the same mind, able and eager to fulfill your task.

Step two. Go through the app approval

Submission of the app is not as easy as it seems. In the case of apps for iOS, there are three guidelines you have to follow to get your app approved: the iOS Human Interface Guidelines, the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines and the App Store Review Guidelines. With Android app, you will have to compare it with the Android launch checklist.

These guidelines are essential if you want to pass the approval period within the shortest possible time.

Step three. Differentiating the app from others

For the most part, users find the necessary app through the app store search, and there is a possibility to get a higher rank. Take advantage of the app store optimization (ASO): you will get an increase of the traffic on your app’s page and as a result, increased number of downloads. However, it is important to have a clear understanding of who your customers are and what keywords are most workable. If your business is small and not known among users, then it is necessary to pay attention to the words that are related to the product’s features and characteristics. If your brand is known, then use your branding as a keyword to level your rank up.

How to ramp ASO and downloads?

  1. Use a keyword in the title of the app. Know inside out what keywords are used when your possible customers are searching for the necessary app and integrate the best one (or the keyword phrase) into the title. Such move may boost the level of the ranking by 10%.
  2. Use a download link. It is preferable to use the link for app download on your site or in the email

We are living in the modern society where technologies play one of the major roles, so you have to streamline with its needs. Even if your today customers prefer to use a desktop rather than smartphone or tablet, sooner or later you will need a mobile app for your business. So better take care of it now and dedicate enough time and effort to get perfect results instead of getting the outcome of an on-the-knee operation that will harm your business’ reputation.

Yes, the successful app requires constant improvements and support. However, the result is definitely worth the trouble.