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It seems that there is nothing more changeable than trends for smartphone and tablet applications. Who can remember what Hipstamatic or Koi Pond were for? Who uses these apps now? And one of these applications was once a number one paid app!

No one can tell why certain apps become the most popular among all users of smartphones or tablets. Pallid statistics cannot explain why one app is downloaded much more frequently than another is. However, the development of technologies and youthification of users of the Internet and other digital technologies and gadgets instigated a new wave of app trend:

Android and iPhone parental monitoring

Mobile App Trends

Nowadays children tend to use too much time in the Internet browsing through different websites, playing or communicating via social media, the IM chats or SMS. Of course, it is alarming to parents, but the good news is – there are ways and apps to control it!

Parental control applications provide a big number of options that allow parents to manipulate the target gadget, set time frames or even lock a child’s phone in case if it is stolen. Many apps of this kind offer a possibility of GPS tracking – it shows the location of the target device on the map and advanced apps send SMS notifications, if the target device entered a forbidden zone or left a permitted one.

One of the most convenient and enhanced apps that augment their potential and become more and more popular is a child cell phone monitoring app proposed by Pumpic. This application can impress even the most fastidious user with the number of available options, including GPS-tracking, Geo-fences, tracking of online and cell phone activities and monitoring of social media, the IM chats and incoming and outgoing E-mails.

This application is the most efficient way to protect children from cyberbullying and the Internet overuse. Provident parents will dully appreciate the possibilities of this app.