Slide Software Design Today

The year that passed introduced us new features in mobile app development and design. Our company attentively follows modern trends and remain up to date in order to provide our customers only relevant solutions.

Learn more about how the trends have changed lately and consider while making decisions on your own solutions.

Hot Trends in Application Industry

  1. Layered Interface. This effect closely imitates 3D depth by putting active elements at the front, while those not used remain visible at the back.
  2. Elements and Spacing Division. Today UI design is focused on removing useless elements from interface. Lines and are not in trend any longer.
  3. Today one uses touchscreen to not only touch, but swipe as well. It allows making applications more feature-rich and improves functionality.
  4. Focusing on thumbs. Users do not always have both hands free to interact with interface with two hands or three-four fingers. That’s why developers try to plan functionality the way that allows users use only one finger to control interact with apps.
  5. Simple colors. Any app must attract a user, but not disorientate. Simple colors allow making users do what they are supposed to using apps and make call-to-action buttons more effective.

Here in Slide Software Design we develop our products according to recent trends only. We try to make your application as user-friendly as possible, which ultimately bring you more profit and clients’ loyalty. We really care that you will remain in the main stream of the world, which changes rapidly.