How to Build Better Mobile Apps

Even though most people believe building apps for mobile devices is simple and fast, and you can build one cross-platform app that will be perfect both for iOS and Android, it is not true. And if you want your app to work well on any device, you should keep on mind the following tips.

  1. Beauty depends on the platform

If you place iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices and open the same app on three of those, it will look beautiful and well-made, but absolutely different. That is why while building an app, look closely at the main principles of platform and be sure to build the app based on the most prominent parameters. Appcelerator will later let you reuse the initial code of your app to adapt it to other platforms, so you will not have to re-make everything from the very beginning.

  1. Learn the platform well

As mentioned, for the better final result you should learn the platform well, and it can be done by reading interface guidelines. You may skip the step if you use the platform every day and feel like you already know everything about it – visual similarities and differences in comparison to other operational systems. But in case you are not a user, read the guidelines thoroughly – this will help you make a better design and usability.

  1. Test regularly

As long as your cross-platform app will be a combination of cross-platform elements and those specific for each of them, don’t get to the point where you work weeks on the version for iOS, switch it to Android and see everything if out of place and the fonts look like a mess. Be sure to test the app regularly in the process and you will be able to fix everything that would go wrong on any platform.

  1. Be a user

You are producing an app for users, so be the one on every stage of the building. Look at your work critically to see if people would be able to use it and enjoy the way you wanted them to.