Must-Do Tips to Improve the Quality of Mobile Apps

It is always essential to take into consideration the differences and benefits of different platforms and OS to take an advantage of it. Cross-platform apps also open wide range of possibilities to the developers, so it is essential to decide what type of apps is preferable for you.

Useful tips how to create successful native cross-platform app:

  1. The interface of the same app should differ on different platforms. The requirements of the design are distinct in details and there aspects are necessary to keep in mind when developing the app for certain platform. When you come up with an idea for the app, look through the platforms to select the most appropriate one. After that get acquainted with the requirements of the platform to the design of the app. Be sure that you get a clear notion of them, as, for example, App Store can reject the app if the design doesn’t meet their requirements.
  2. 100% reusable code – the app that looks completely the same on all platforms. Do not try to make your code completely reusable – that conflicts the #1 tip. Of course, high reusability is important, though the design of the app should be unique for each platform.
  3. Cross-platform app is like local Web service app. Developers can find this step very difficult and it is hard to accept this, however, try to develop app logic independently from screens or platforms. If you will manage to do this, there will be no necessity to make a lot of changes when you adapt the app to certain platform. Then you will be able to achieve the stage when the app logic and interface act separately and it will be possible to change the target platform without efforts.
  4. Android tabs require in-tab navigation, iOS tabs have a built-in NavigationController. Consider this when you make tabs for the app in different platforms.
  5. Carefully read the platform guidelines as there are many different aspects that make the platform unique. If you respect these differences, you will be able to create perfect app that meets all requirements of the platform.