Things to Know to Android App Developers

Every time someone gets access to the Google Play store it is hard not to be overwhelmed with the huge number of apps. Soon after surfing through pages of the app marketplace it is hard to look over the fact that some apps are extremely popular and have loads of positive reviews and some apps (though they look and do almost the same as the popular ones) don’t draw attention of users.

All novice developers are trying to find out answers how to avoid that lack of attention to their apps. And here are our suggestions:

  1. Look through Android Design Guidelines

Users prefer to use apps that are familiar to them in terms of usability and management. That is why it is essential to follow the guidelines of Android apps development that show common UI elements for any Android device. For example, navigation drawer is one of such elements that can be found in vast majority of apps.

  1. Follow the trends

Software Developer Kit that Google proposes is updated constantly, so developers always receive new possibilities for implementing new ideas in life. Keep track of all updates and trends and your app will be the most relevant and catching for users.

  1. Always look through feedback on your app

Listen to the opinion of users about your app. First, users love when developers listen to their suggestions. Second, it is essential to keep track of the reviews provided by users and quickly respond to their answers and issues with your app. Thus you will be able to make your app even better, do not miss that chance.

  1. Constantly use Android devices

Surprisingly enough, many Android developers use other devices instead of Android ones. Though, it is essential for you to know the peculiarities of the device and, what is more important, find the possible target audience for your app. There are many communities of Android admirers where you can find tech-savvy users and like-minded people who can help you to improve the app and get inspired.

  1. Create an app that will work greatly on different devices

Your app should look nice on any screen size, as Android is an OS of wide range of devices. For example, you should use density-independent pixels instead of pixels. After that Android will choose the right number of pixels so the quality of the image will be saved.