Tips for Choosing App Development Technology

There are various reasons for people to create an app today – some do it for the sake of business needs, but there are some enthusiasts that simply start with a good idea that later grows into a bigger thing. But despite the reasons you might have you need to make a choice on the app development technology you are going to work in. And there are couple ways you can go with it.

Native Mobile Apps

This is a category of apps that are designed for a specific (native) platform – Android, Windows Phone or iOS, or couple others.

The best thing about native app is that they would work better and be more beautiful, as long as they are created specifically for this very platform. But the bad thing is you will have to start from the very beginning if you decide to make it available for other platforms.

For Android development you will need professionals that work with Java – it is a pretty common language, so there will be no problem finding someone. Android Studio is now replacing Eclipse, so you may start with Studio without wasting your time, as it seems to be quite a promising tool.

Apple’s iOS apps are built with Objective-C language, which is recognized as being one of the hardest ones to master. Yet, you will have the best tools available for building – with Xcode you will easily build a native iOS app.

Hybrid Apps

This type of app can be installed on device like a native one, but it runs through web browser, and you can build those using HTML5 language. It was pretty popular several years ago, but now more and more companies prefer to build native apps, as they are much more convenient and fast in comparison to those written in HTML5.

The reason for disappointment in hybrid apps is the fact that they are not as smooth as they could have been, but in case it is important for you to make a cross-platform app, you can still try this one.