There is no need to explain twice, why you need a mobile application. To recollect it in your mind, learn more on Benefits page of our website. Slide Software Design will help you with both: app development and understanding of the issue.

Below are some tips on how to create your first mobile application. We will start from the idea and up to development process. The final stage is introducing your app to the public and their engagement.

Build Your First App – Step-by-Step

  • Point your final goal – get the idea
  • Define what your app should do
  • Think over features
  • Draw some sketches (the design)
  • Make a research:
  1. apps that do the same
  2. find design inspiration
  3. learn technical requirements
  4. find out possible ways of earning money with your app
  • Define where to sell your app: Google Play/App Store (both preferably)
  • Hire a reliable designer and developer
  • Introduce the app to the public
  • Receive first feedback and improve the app
  • Provide customer support and keep on improving

Slide Software Design will help you with all of the aforementioned and guide your through all the steps carefully. We will work on your app together to make it as effective as it is possible.