Useful Tools for Creating Business Presentations

PowerPoint is not the only pebble on the beach when it comes to presentations, although, for many people this tool is the touchstone for any set of slides. For others PowerPoint is the thing worth fighting against – there is even the Anti Powerpoint Party where all haters of this tool gather.

Let’s admit that today webinars, sites, and business meetings are overcrowded with poorly created presentations made of stock templates. As a result, such presentation will never catch the customer’s attention, and all your work will be wasted. Search for the alternatives! There are many presentation software platforms that can assist you in creating astonishing presentations for your business. Speaking of assistance, if you are running short on time, you could opt to order business presentation from a professional PaperWriting company.

Useful Tools for Creating Business Presentations

Google Docs

Of course, this tool lacks some features that PowerPoint has, however, it is free and easy to work with. As today literally everyone has a Google account, the team play on the shared presentation will be easy as it is. You can also download a completed presentation as a PowerPoint file.

Zoho Show

This cloud-based tool is easy to use and has clear and logical navigation, and it is filled with numerous options and features that simplify the work with presentations significantly. Here you can create charts and diagrams, add pictures and videos from Picasa and Flickr and edit images thanks to built-in tools. Also, you can enliven your presentation with the help of different animation and slide transition effects. You can apply changes to the style of the whole bunch of slides or every slide in particular. You can take an advantage of collaboration with others – just add your teammates to the list of users who have a right to make changes to your presentation. Completed projects can be published on Zoho’s Public Presentation area, or you can place a link to your presentation on the company’s website.


It is a great tool for creating video presentations. Strictly speaking, the main aim of this tool is the creation of animation rather than the development of presentations. Still, instruments and features of GoAnimate allow you to create great content for your presentation. With the help of pre-made themes and props, you will be able to create a video for your business presentation without the need to shoot a movie or draw something. This drag-and-drop tool is user-friendly so that you won’t waste time on constant editing and recording – just select the element and everything else will be done for you.


Prezi proposes a whole new approach to presentation creation – here you develop a mind map instead of organizing slides one after another. You can work both online and offline with this tool and at first it calls for a bit of practice because such approach is not unusual after PowerPoint.


This tool is perfect for improving existing PowerPoint presentations and creating new presentations from scratch. This tool offers a great set of features essential for building the informative and efficient project: image editing, video creation, transitions, special effects, automatic update of the slide content taken from the real-time feeds.


With the help of this new tool, you will be able to create presentations with voiceover. Use PDF files and record voice comments for every slide and after that, you will be able to download completed presentation as a video. You can upload it to video sharing services or embed it to your blog or a website.