Violent Video Game Tax Proposed In Pennsylvania

Violent Video Game Tax Proposed In Pennsylvania Lawmakers want M-rated games to be taxed 10 percent extra. Violence In Video Games – Highlights of the American Senate Committee Hearings in 1993 Abridged version of the 1993 congressional hearings on violence in video games.01:11 Mortal Kombat03:10 Night Trap06:00 Lethal Enforcers07:22 Howard Lincoln, vice president of Nintendo […]


Freekstyle Review

Freekstyle Review While it’s not the motocross equivalent of SSX, EA Sports Big’s first excursion on dirt is worth a look for those who enjoy a stiff challenge. Freekstyle on the PS2! I absolutely LOVE Freekstyle, so I had to share it with you! Freekstyle – GameCube Gameplay (720p60fps) Freekstyle – GameCube Gameplay (720p60fps). Freekstyle […]