Destiny 2: Bergusia Forge Unlocks, Bungie Deems Niobe Labs Puzzle Too Tough

Destiny 2: Bergusia Forge Unlocks, Bungie Deems Niobe Labs Puzzle Too Tough

Players won’t need to crack the confounding mystery involving Niobe Labs in order to grant everyone access to the fourth and final forge.

Destiny 2 | Solving the Quest of the Mysterious Box! Getting Izanagi’s Burden! Bergusia Forge!

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Destiny 2 | Bergusia Forge Unlocked! How to Unlock Mysterious Box – NEW EXOTIC STREAM

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Destiny 2 | FINAL FORGE LAUNCH & BUNGIE RESPONDS! Bergusia Forge Opens & Niobe Puzzle Details!

Destiny 2: FINAL Black Armory Forge Launch, Bungie Responds to Feedback, Early Bergusia Launch & More!
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Destiny 2 OOB: Quantum Sparrow into Niobe Labs

Here’s a quick guide on entering the puzzle are of Niobe Labs using the Quantum Sparrow

If you don’t know what that is, you may want to check out this video first: https://youtu.be/24SLJ4F7-AE

Naturally the puzzle itself got sunset, but if you’ve kept the weapons, the symbols are all there. So I suppose you can just pretend 😉 Getting into Bergusia with Quantum Sparrow is a bit trickier, and far harder than the fallback approach… Gotta use the box break version. Fun to figure out if you want a challenge.

0:00 Intro
0:12 Making the Quantum Sparrow
0:47 Transferring to Sojourners
1:37 The Sojourner’s Bridge
3:26 Crossing the Rock Barrier
4:33 Transferring to Niobe Labs
4:53 The Homestretch
6:12 Welcome to Niobe Labs
7:46 Well that was Pretty Grate

#Destiny2 #Glitch #QuantumSparrow