Fable III Review

Fable III Review

This gorgeous world is brimming with humor and personality, but a bevy of technical problems and overly simplified gameplay distract from the fun.

A Fable 3 Critique

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An in depth video essay on Fable 3 and how it plays from a modern perspective. I felt the need to put together this video along with the fable 2 video coming out at the same time due to the lack of any major critique based coverage for the game despite its release almost a decade ago. Which aspects do you think should get carried over into the upcoming Fable 4?

If you have any constructive criticism to leave in the comments below I’d love to hear it since I’m always trying to improve my videos over time. Thanks for watching!

The Fall of Fable by KBash can be found at

Was Fable as good as I remember? by The salt factory can be found at
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85NlL7t9BfU &t=1045s

Fable 3: 10 things I LOVE but 37 things I HATE!

Fable 3 sucked… except it didn’t… except it did… but did it?… yes….except?…

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Fable III – GT Review

Does the third generation of Albion’s kingdom have the destiny to keep the series running strong?
Original Air-Date: Oct 27, 2010

Fable III Video Review

IGN takes its third trip to to Albion for its Fable III video review. Does the epic action adventure RPG finally deliver on what’s been promised?

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