Pokemon Go’s Fifth Anniversary Celebration Is Live

Pokemon Go’s Fifth Anniversary Celebration Is Live

Celebrate by getting a Flying Pikachu with balloons.

Pokémon GO Live stream With 5th Anniversary Of Pokemon Go

Hey folks! Watch me play Pokémon GO!

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Today I am streaming pokémongo. Other popular games:
PUBG Mobile
Garena Free Fire
Among Us
Call of Duty Mobile
Fall Guys
Call of Duty: Warzone
Grand Theft Auto V

Pokémon Go: Fifth Anniversary Challenge task now live!

Can you catch all the starters in time?

Get a special achievement badge if you do!

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Pokémon Go 5th Anniversary Celebration Trailer

Crazy to think the world wide phenomenon known as Pokémon GO is entering its 5th year as one of the biggest mobile games of all time. #pokemongo #pokemon #pokémongo


After playing Pokémon GO for 5 years, we have an event where we are able to hunt for some new shiny Pokemon while having all 6 generations of starter Pokemon spawning during this event, not forgetting about shiny Meltan too.

Join me as I travel, eat and play Pokémon GO the way a local trainer would in their own country and city. Visiting one country and one city at at time through Pokémon GO.

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