Violent Video Game Tax Proposed In Pennsylvania

Violent Video Game Tax Proposed In Pennsylvania

Lawmakers want M-rated games to be taxed 10 percent extra.

Violence In Video Games – Highlights of the American Senate Committee Hearings in 1993

Abridged version of the 1993 congressional hearings on violence in video games.
01:11 Mortal Kombat
03:10 Night Trap
06:00 Lethal Enforcers
07:22 Howard Lincoln, vice president of Nintendo of America in 1993
11:10 Bill White, vice president of Sega of America in 1993
13:37 Rating System
18:34 Mortal Kombat Commercial
20:23 Splatterhouse ad
31:27 Super Scope
36:49 Virtual Reality
42:21 Virtual Reality (2)
42:58 Cybersex

Wikipedia: On December 7, 1993, members of the combined United States Senate Committees on Governmental Affairs and the Judiciary held congressional hearings with several spokespersons for companies in the video game industry including Nintendo and Sega, involving violence in video games and the perceived impacts on children.

The hearing was a result of concerns raised by members of the public on the 1993 releases of Night Trap and Mortal Kombat for home consoles. Besides general concerns related to violence in video games, the situation had been inflamed by a moral panic over gun violence, as well as the state of the industry and an intense rivalry between Sega and Nintendo.

Watch A Fox Reporter Demolish A Hackneyed Anti-Game Argument

As seen on Kotaku.com

an old man went on television and complained about video games. Then someone proved him horribly wrong.

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26M Voted So Far Ahead of Midterms; Chief Justice Roberts Halts Release of Trump’s Tax Returns

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00:59 Over 20 M Voted so Far; Mostly Mail-in Ballots
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02:24 Liz Cheney ‘My Biggest Fundraiser’: Kari Lake
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06:11 Analysis: Political Violence in United States
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17:46 U.S. Embassy Personnel Inspecting Weapons
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21:50 Steve Nash Out as Nets Coach; Udoka Next?
22:58 Venus Williams IG Post Hints Retirement
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26M Voted So Far Ahead of Midterms; Chief Justice Roberts Halts Release of Trump’s Tax Returns

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pennsylvania representative proposes tax on violent video games

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